Is it really so black and white?

English: Nakumatt Westgate in Westlands, Nairobi
English: Nakumatt Westgate in Westlands, Nairobi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There have been a number of attacks by what I will politely describe as 'Islamists' across the world in the last few days. One has made the headlines full time in the Western media. Another got a mention but was rapidly relegated from the headlines. Yet another was rarely mentioned and was probably not noticed by many people.

Let's have a look at these attacks:

Kenya, Nairobi, Westgate Shopping Centre

An armed group enters and takes control of the prestigious Westgate Shopping Centre. Those who are deemed to be Muslim from the answer given as to what was the name of Mohammed's mother were allowed to leave. Those remaining were cut down with grenades and bullets and others retained as hostages. So far 62 people have been killed and 170 injured.

Pakistan, Peshawar, All Saints Anglican Church

Two 'suicide' bombers targeted the church during the celebrations for Mass and blew themselves up, killing many and injuring many others. To date 75 people are known to have been killed with another 120 wounded.

Nigeria, Borno State, Maiduguri-Damaturu road near Benisheik

Suspected gunmen belonging to Boko Haram laid siege to Benisheik, Kaga Local Government Area on Tuesday evening, killing people and setting buildings ablaze. They also blocked the Maiduguri-Damaturu highway, three kilometers away from the town, slaughtering dozens of travelers. Apart from the 142 travellers, also killed in the attack were 2 soldiers, 3 policemen and 14 villagers,bringing the total death toll to 161.

All of these events are vile, evil and brutal in their nature. All involve killing many innocents in pursuit of some perverted 'Islamist' agenda.

Yet one events stands out in the amount of coverage by the Western media, that of the attacks at the Westgate Shopping Centre. The question that comes to my mind is 'Why?'

It could be that some of the victims at Westgate were British, or that some of the victims were British and White. Certainly there is unlikely to be any British or White innocents killed in the atrocities in Nigeria or Pakistan.

Is our Western media really looking at this in such black and white terms?

This post inspired by this Twitter conversation.

Authored by Chris Hall
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