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Jesus Christ Superstar dropped in Russia church row

The UK album cover for the 1969 release of Jesus Christ Superstar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)BBC News - Jesus Christ Superstar dropped in Russia church row

Never seen Jesus Christ Superstar but as a kid like everyone else I knew the rhymes to do with women's clothing.

Is there really anything in it to cause the ROC to protest as such? Not like it's Jerry Springer the Opera is it?
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My Old Bloggings

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair was subjected to calls for impeachment during his time in office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Looking at the wayback archive I can find my earliest bloggings back in 28th April 2001. Was coding everything by hand, not much in terms of blogging platforms that took my fancy.
Some things don't change! I was banging on about Blair back then, as well as slavery, liberals and animal welfare.

26 Apr 2001Bribe
Tony Blair promised bonds for each child born if Labour is returned to power. Have you ever seen such blatant electioneering? I just can't believe that a government would have the front to trot out 'policies' like this just before a general election. they should be ashamed of themselves. I used to be a Labour party memeber back in the early 80's. How things have changed. Power is everything for Tony and his cronies now. Bring back Michael Foot!
13 Apr 2001Sudan
Check the national and international papers. The government in Sudan i…