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Religious Profiling

Not the sort that you'd expect from our present government in the UK but a bit of fun. Steve Hayes at Notes from Underground posted recently with his results from the Belief-o-matic questionnaire on religious identity. So here's mine:

1. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (100%)
2. Eastern Orthodox (93%)
3. Roman Catholic (93%)
4. Orthodox Quaker (93%)
5. Seventh Day Adventist (93%)
6. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (74%)
7. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (68%)
8. Jehovah's Witness (65%)
9. Hinduism (61%)
10. Orthodox Judaism (56%)

Interesting fun stuff, if perhaps a little inaccurate!

Jesus Of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI

Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I was pleasantly surprised by how readable and encouraging this book is. Pope Benedict XVI has shown himself to have a fantastic understanding of the Gospels and their sources, as well he should! He brings that information along and presents it in a fresh and inspiring way. Many, many times he shows how connected the Bible is to itself and how doctrine and theology stretch consistently from Genesis to Revelation, how themes are repeated and built up and how what we have is truly inspired.

So put aside any bigotry, if you have any and grab a copy!

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When I Hear The Praises Start

Was there ever such a talent devoted to God?

Probably. But I bet they weren't as good at contemporary Christian worship as Keith Green was!


Unwritten Traditions and Past Errors

As I grow older and hopefully mature more in the faith I become more aware of what I don't have to help me in the faith that other Christians have. And that is tradition. Years ago traditions were to me restrictive and also purposeful in defending an office of man - the priesthood. Now I see the errors in past. Tradition has a rightful and God-given role in the life and structure of the church. Tradition is there to unite, to guide, to inspire, to protect, to defend, to aid evangelism, nd to build up the community.

So there is my quandry now, how to live as a Christian in self-exile from the bearers of that tradition. And for the future may God grant me the guidance and strength I seek.

St. John of Damascus:

The eyewitnesses and ministers of the word not only handed down the law of the Church in writings, but also in certain unwritten traditions. For whence do we know the holy place of the skull? Whence the memorial of life? Does not a child learn it from his father without anything…

Prayer for a pastor

Image by pjotter05 via Flickr My Pastor, Dave Food is off to Nigeria on a week of mission. His first visit to the country. If anyone is able to remember him in their prayers with me then that would be excellent.

Planned Timetable

Tuesday 2nd February Depart Heathrow to Abujja

Wednesday 3rd February Arrive Abujja, Depart Abuja, arrive Oweri
Am - Preach at a city wide Prayer session

Pm - Preach at Kingdom Glory Church

Thursday 4th February Am - Speak to leaders (tbc)

Pm - Preach at Faith Chapel Church

Friday 5th February Am - Preach at Oasis of Faith, Pastor Emmanuel’s birthday celebration

Pm - Preach at Night of Miracles at the Umuahia Stadium

Saturday 6th February Am - Morning free – rest and relaxation

Pm – Prophetic Evening

Sunday 7th February Am - Preach at Faith Chapel

Pm - Preach at Oasis of faith Church

Monday 8th February Depart Oweri, …

The Pope and The Lady

My nephew found this card the other day. I know Pope Benny and The Lady but what is the card for? If any readers could enlighten me?

Bigots Ahoy!

I tweeted a link to a humorous and thoughtful post by George Pitcher in his Daily Telegraph blog regarding the article in the Times by Richard Dawkins. Minutes later I had a direct tweet from someone personally ridiculing my faith and calling me a 'pervert'. Not quite sure how that all links together? Anyway, that's the first time I've been abused via Twitter. A first time for everything I suppose.

How sad that we seem to have a growing fundamentalist atheism in the Western world. An atheism that cannot debate or argue without having to resort to such nastiness. An atheism that seeks to make it's philosophy and worldview the de facto worldview, in fact the only worldview. Is their arguement that far lost that they resort to such bigotry?

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