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Is it really so black and white?

English: Nakumatt Westgate in Westlands, Nairobi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There have been a number of attacks by what I will politely describe as 'Islamists' across the world in the last few days. One has made the headlines full time in the Western media. Another got a mention but was rapidly relegated from the headlines. Yet another was rarely mentioned and was probably not noticed by many people.

Let's have a look at these attacks:

Kenya, Nairobi, Westgate Shopping Centre

An armed group enters and takes control of the prestigious Westgate Shopping Centre. Those who are deemed to be Muslim from the answer given as to what was the name of Mohammed's mother were allowed to leave. Those remaining were cut down with grenades and bullets and others retained as hostages. So far 62 people have been killed and 170 injured.

Pakistan, Peshawar, All Saints Anglican Church

Two 'suicide' bombers targeted the church during the celebrations for Mass and blew themselves up, ki…

Obama's Tweet

Whipped off Twitter.

Comedy gold!

Authored by Chris Hall

The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

Spanish civil war monument (Photo credit: pixelnaiad) Just finished reading Anthony Beevor's book The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 and it really is an eye opener. I've already read a couple of works on The Spanish Civil war such as Orwell's Homage to Catalonia, William Rust's Britons in Spain, the History of the British Battalion of the XVth International Brigade and some references in Jack Jones' autobiography Union Man. But nothing of the horror comes across in those references as it does in Beevor's book. The Spanish Civil War really did nail down the adage that there's nothing civil in a civil war.

So Beevor's book tries to take an unbiased overview of the timeline of the awful events and I think he succeeds well. Neither the Republican or Nationalist forces and their respective backers come out well. Everyone is tarnished.

I'm not going to write a review but instead highlight some points which have stuck with me after finis…

Behind you!

Do you see it?

Authored by Chris Hall

Who are the terrorists?

Is Banning the Burka in Britain Racist?

So Syria's just about to have the shit bombed out of it, Cameron and the media are working overtime to make the country feel guilty for not joining in the bomb-fest and the Tories are getting a cheap thrill from making the poor, disabled and unemployed pay for the banking crisis they didn't create. So what does Tory MP Philip Hollobone do? He puts a bill onto the Parliamentary timetable looking to make burka clad women criminals in their own country. Yup, he wants to ban the burka.

Tory MP's ban the burqa bill reaches parliament

Perhaps he feels 'one' with that the faux socialist Francois Hollande, President of France who already has the burka banned and is itching to rain death down on the Syrians, and is the man to follow. And while Hollobone is at it he wants to reintroduce capital punishment, privatise the BBC, have a referendum on equal marriage, withdraw from the EU and rename the August bank holiday as Margaret Thatcher Day. My arse.

Also in the news there w…

The means of production in the hands of the producers

Industrial Workers of the World (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Wise words from Utah Phillips, who was a proud member of the Industrial Workers of the World, the one big union supporting anarcho-syndicalism.

The means of production in the hands of the producers
Produced for use instead of profit
Create an abundance for the workers and nothing for the parasites
An end to the wage system
Better than Labour's Clause IV. Nothing to argue about.

Authored by Chris Hall
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Making money out of the misery of the Syrians

We all know the amoral armaments industry will be cashing in when Obama shows the Syrian people how much he loves them. But I got some spam today, pretty meaningless but it does highlight how capitalism will be seeking it's big bucks when the civilians start dying.
To: chrishall57@
Subject: This Company had a huge day today
How do you feel about enriching yourself by means of war? It`s
right time to do it!!! As soon as the military attack Syria, oil
prices will rise as well as MONARCHY RESOURCES, INC (M O N_K)
share price. Begin earning money on September 5th, grab M O N_K
shares! One day we'll have a society where people matter, not money. It can't come soon enough.
Authored by Chris Hall

Not Made in Britain

At least they won't shouldn't have UK stamped on the side.

Purloined from

Authored by Chris Hall