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Giving Socialism a bad name

The French Socialist Party, giving socialism a bad name since 2012 at least.

La Manif Pour Tous en Franceby FreeMyFrance

Authored by Chris Hall

I could weep

English: Slot machines in the Trump Taj Mahal Taken by Raul654 on August 24, 2004. Released under the GFDL (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Clipped from the Let Nothing You Dismay blog, what an awful experience.

One of the experiences which helped wean me away from the comfortable liberalism of my youth was walking through the streets of a post-industrial valleys town in South Wales, not far from where I grew up. Passing the proud edifice of the Workingmen's Hall, I had to step off the pavement into the road to avoid a huge pile of mouldering books left out in the rain. The hall's library - politics, economics, literature - by which generations of coal miners and industrial workers were self-educated to an astonishingly high standard - was being thrown out by its elected committee in order to make way for the installation of slot machines.
Authored by Chris Hall

Worship and Respect

I remember downloading this image from a Catholic website as I thought maybe they had a point.

But then I thought, no they don't. As if anyone would approach worship in such a manner!
Then I saw this.

I'm with Todd Friel on this.

God help us and forgive us!

Authored by Chris Hall