Prayer for a pastor

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My Pastor, Dave Food is off to Nigeria on a week of mission. His first visit to the country. If anyone is able to remember him in their prayers with me then that would be excellent.

Planned Timetable

Tuesday 2nd February Depart Heathrow to Abujja

Wednesday 3rd February Arrive Abujja, Depart Abuja, arrive Oweri
Am - Preach at a city wide Prayer session

Pm - Preach at Kingdom Glory Church

Thursday 4th February Am - Speak to leaders (tbc)

Pm - Preach at Faith Chapel Church

Friday 5th February Am - Preach at Oasis of Faith, Pastor Emmanuel’s birthday celebration

Pm - Preach at Night of Miracles at the Umuahia Stadium

Saturday 6th February Am - Morning free – rest and relaxation

Pm – Prophetic Evening

Sunday 7th February Am - Preach at Faith Chapel

Pm - Preach at Oasis of faith Church

Monday 8th February Depart Oweri, Abuja

Day in Abuja with Wisdom Ministries leaders

Tuesday 9th February Depart Abuja, arrive Heathrow.
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