St Justin Martyr and the Eucharist

This video seems to be doing the rounds of a number of Catholic blogs and sites. Certainly some interesting stuff there which purports to be written in the early church history.

When I was drawn to Christ I went to the nearest Church of England church to where I lived. After all, not knowing anything about Christianity I checked a few churches out but the CofE seemed the 'safest'. This church was actually in the neighbouring parish but because of the location of where I lived it made more sense to join with the neighbouring parish. We then had a Church Army captain planted on our estate to do outreach and after a year the parish set up a church to meet on out estate. It did quite well. But so that they could share communion they brought an ordained minister out of retirement to help with things. However, when he threw in the towel, the church plant wasn't allowed to celebrate communion without an ordained minister. And as they didn't have one they couldn't share communion. In the end the church plant faded and died.

At the time I think this sort of event built up my frustration with the CofE and evnetually I left for a pentecostal church where tings of this nature were looked at less religiously, or strictly.

But the video below does get me thinking, were the parish right to restrict communion or were they wrong.

What do you think? And any comments on the video?