Posterous or Tumblr

I've been having a rummage at convenient ways to add content to my online presence. I had my blogs, my twitter account, my picasaweb account and others. Then I came across Tumblr and Posterous.

Both seemed to do very similar things but there were a number of things that made me decide to use Posterous.

First off, Tumblr is extremely clunky when using Icecat on my Zenwalk laptop. It's not a problem exclusive to Tumblr but any application that relies too much on Javascript, or too much of the wrong type of Javascript ends up this way on my laptop.

Secondly Posterous can cross-post to wherever I want. So it's going to my blogs, image repositores and Youtube account where appropriate. And Psterous will also reformat stuff to fit wherever it's being sent. This is a serious timesaver.

Thirdly Posterous seems much more 'natural' to use than Tumblr. I really struggled making head or tail of using Tumble. Some have commented that Posterous has been 'engineered' and Tumblr 'designed'. Given that I am an engineer then maybe that's what swayed me!

So I'll be posting a bit using Posterous to see how it works out and how much use it will be. I'd be interested in people's take on the Posterous/Tumblr debate so feel free to comment.